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ST. LOUIS – Among the colorful cans lining the shelves at Saint Louis Hop Shop on Cherokee Street, you’ll soon find Yuengling products.

“It was good to hear that it was finally coming to the market,” co-owner Justin Harris said.

Harris says his clientele is ready to drink up.

“I have a couple customers that’ve asked about kegs,” he said. “I had a group of customers that came in the other day to ask about it, so people are definitely looking for it. It’s on their radar.”

A few miles north on Jefferson at Randall Wine and Spirits, there’s signage on the front door advertising a Yuengling presale. Count Chris Sunderland among the beer drinkers ready to welcome the Pennsylvania brewery’s products to the Show Me State.

“I have some co-workers that go out of state for hockey tournaments and stuff like that who always talk about it,” he said. “I know they’ve brought it back for certain people before.”

Until now, you couldn’t get Yuengling in Missouri. In a statement to FOX 2, the brewery says, “Yuengling is honored to be able to enter such a concentrated and authentic beer market as Missouri to bring the brand’s rich portfolio to more than six million Missourians.”

Harris says Yuengling will be available on draft in February, and in packages come March.

“It’ll definitely be in the rotation of kegs available here to drink,” he said. “As soon as package is available, we’ll have package here at the store.”

Sunderland says he’ll definitely try it to see if it meets the hype.

“I don’t think my co-workers would let me get away with not trying it at this point,” he said.

“If you do make a good product, you’ll stick around. People will continue to support and patronize,” Harris said.