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Senator Eric Burlison

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A Missouri state senator is planning to introduce a bill this session to change some of the ways elections are conducted. Senator Eric Burlison, R-Battlefield, says that the adjustments are in response to the increase of mail-in ballots during the 2020 presidential election.

The specific changes that Sen. Burlison is proposing include requiring voters to show a photo ID before voting, reforming election judge qualifications, and prohibiting cities from using outside funding for elections.

Former Attorney General William Barr said in 2020 that the Justice Department did not find any evidence of widespread voter fraud. His comments come despite President Donald Trump’s repeated claims that the election was stolen.

“The 2020 election cycle raised numerous issues regarding mail-in ballots and the systems in place to count those votes. As a result, I have decided to file legislation that will ensure that Missouri has safe, fair, and secure elections,” writes Sen. Burlison. “In order to maintain our system of government and ensure the will of the voters is followed, we must do everything we can to ensure the integrity of our elections. This legislation promotes safe and fair elections, and I am looking forward to discussing these issues further with my colleagues in January.”

Legislators were able to pre-file bills in Missouri on December first for the upcoming legislative session. This bill is among several others that he has filed including changes to stand your ground law and prohibiting Medicaid funding for abortion providers.