JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission approved a five-year plan earlier this week to invest billions into the state’s roads and bridges.

The commission approved a plan to make $10 billion worth of federal and state revenue available from 2023 to 2027. Around $7.65 billion is budgeted for road and bridge construction contractor awards. The budget also includes $100 million from the Governor’s Rural Route program, which will aims to improve low-volume roads.

The plan is expected to help the Missouri Department of Transportation identify and follow up on preventive maintenance improvements for more than 34,000 miles of roads and 10,400 bridges in the state.

“Just a few years ago, our 2016 STIP made available a fraction of this program with only $2.6 billion,” said MoDOT Director Patrick McKenna. “The new STIP—our largest to date—is quite an achievement that has taken the collective efforts of policymakers, state leaders and the leadership of the commission, which has held firm on the need for resources to do the projects our citizens expect us to do. By working with planning partners across the state and listening to the needs of the communities we serve, we’ve made these plans to take care of this massive system.”

The site says around 73 percent of every dollar MoDOT receives for upgrades comes from motor fuel taxes. For a look at some of MoDOT’s goals outlined in the latest Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan, click here.