ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, Mo. – A man with a lengthy history of sexual offenses was recently committed to Missouri’s Sexual Offender Rehabilitation and Treatment Services (SORTS) center.

A St. Francois County jury committed Jason Cook as a sexually violent predator on August 24, 2022, following a three-day trial. Cook admitted to having inappropriate sexual contact and committing sex offenses in at least two states before he turned eighteen and moved to Missouri.

According to a press release from the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, the Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) Unit is seeking the civil commitment of sexual predators who suffer from mental abnormality. Officials say predators are less likely to commit predatory acts of sexual violence if confined to a secure treatment facility.

Authorities say Cook committed a sex offense against a seven-year-old girl in Missouri and received a six-year prison sentence. While in prison, Cook committed three sexual assaults against three different prisoners. Cook was sentenced to additional prison time for one of the assaults. While incarcerated, Cook failed to complete sex offender treatment on two separate occasions.

The case was tried by General Counsel Jay Atkins and Assistant Attorney General Greg Goodwin and investigated by Missouri’s sexually violent predator commitment unit.