Missouri community assists with funeral service for former ‘Jane Doe’


PULASKI COUNTY, Mo. — A Pulaski County Jane Doe was finally identified through DNA research after 40 years.

The body has now been identified as Karen Knippers. Knippers was found near Dixion in 1981. Pulaski leaders are still trying to find out who killed Knippers all those years ago and officials say the community can help bring justice to Knippers.

“We were thrilled to death to finally found out who she is after 40 years,” said Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Pam Sherrell. Sherrell says they still don’t know who killed Knippers.

“Any leads would help us,” said Sherrell. ” We would greatly appreciate any leads.”

Sherrell also says Knippers needs a proper burial which is why community leaders are coming together to arrange a funeral service for Knippers.

“The family is really desiring to have at least a monument in place at the cemetery with Karen’s name on it, and not just Jane Doe,” said Layne Lercher, director of Memorial Chapels and Crematory Funeral.

Lercher says the community can help with this effort in many ways

“The opportunity to come forth, whether it just be in-person for the services or to help financially in providing the items necessary for this proper burial of Karen Knippers,” said Lercher.

Lercher says there is not a set date on when the funeral service will take place.

“I do know efforts are being made to complete this before our winter weather sets in, but right now we’re wanting to make sure we give enough opportunity to the community who desires to participate in this effort, the opportunity to do so,” said Lercher. “It’s closure not only for this family but also the community that remembers back then of the event.”

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