JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – A rural Missouri couple has to replace hundreds of dollars worth of items after their car was broken into during their wedding on Saturday.

Dianna and Daniel Sikes of Arcadia planned a fairy tale wedding day. They had the ceremony in front of the historic Sandy Creek Bridge in Jefferson County.

“It was beautiful. The location was beautiful. Having all our family close by was just fantastic,” Dianna said.

Unfortunately, the fairy tale didn’t have the happiest of endings. After the brief 15-minute long ceremony, the newlyweds walked back to their car to find the windows broken and everything inside gone.

“We immediately noticed that both of my passenger-side door windows were broken,” Dianna said. “I told everybody … we just been robbed!”

Dianna and her matron of honor had their purses stolen, along with checkbooks, Social Security cards, medicine, a gun, and even season passes to Six Flags, where the couple was planning to spend their honeymoon.

“Literally, we were exchanging our vows and in the middle of our ceremony, this happened. So, the thieves waited when they saw we were all busy and not paying attention to the vehicle,” Dianna said.

The park does have surveillance cameras surrounding the parking lot, but the couple says that lightning strikes days prior to the wedding blew out a lot of them, so there might not be any footage of the crime. A dense tree line also blocked the entire parking lot from the bridge, making it easy for the thieves to get away undetected.

Despite the hours and money spent replacing items and their car, Daniel and Dianna say they won’t let this crime come between them.

“This isn’t going to ruin anything in between us,” Daniel said. “If anything, it’s going to make us stronger. It’s going to make me more defensive and more protective of her.”

Dianna added, “This was me and my husband‘s wedding day and nobody, whatever they did, was going to take that special day away from us.”

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident and is asking anyone with information to come forward. You can send tips by calling 636-797-5515.

In the meantime, Dianna’s family has started a GoFundMe to help with the costs of replacing their stolen items.