AVONDALE, Mo. — Clay County sheriff’s deputies who were in the right place at the right time likely saved a man’s life, but the man now faces charges.

Officers responded to a call after a truck crashed into a mailbox in Avondale, northeast of North Kansas City.

When the deputies arrived, they located the driver. He wasn’t responsive and deputies said they believed he was overdosing on an opiate at the time of the crash.

A deputy had Narcan with him and gave it to the driver, but he still didn’t breathe normally. Paramedics arrived and administered a second dose of Narcan.

The driver regained consciousness by the time paramedics had him loaded and left the area for the hospital.

The driver recovered so quickly that he was released from the hospital shortly after he arrived.

Deputies arrested him for driving under the influence.

The deputies at the scene were also able to reset the mailbox that the driver damaged when he hit it.