SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A Missouri high school teacher was sentenced to 30 years without parole in federal prison Tuesday for a sextortion scheme involving 11 identified child victims and about a dozen more unidentified victims.

Brandon Lane McCullough, 31, of Branson, Missouri was a business teacher at Cassville High School in Barry County. According to police, McCullough had coerced child victims to send him pornographic videos and pictures.

McCullough had pleaded guilty on August 4, 2021, to three counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and two counts of forcing a minor to be involved in illicit sexual activity.

Police said a detective in New Jersey reached out to federal agents in Missouri after a mother of a 14-year-old victim, reported to local police that her daughter used the Kik app to send sexually explicit messages and images to McCullough.

Police said McCullough would portray himself as a 15-year-old boy when he chatted with Jane Doe in May 2019. He even threatened to send those images and videos to her family if she didn’t send him more. Jane Doe had also encountered a 17-year-old boy on Kik who turns out to be McCullough. According to police, she had expressed to the false persona that she was being blackmailed. McCullough told her to proceed with meeting his demands for the images and videos.

According to police, when they obtained a search warrant at McCullough’s residence on May 7, 2020, they seized his hard drive which was beneath a basket under his bathroom sink. The hard drive holds over a dozen of Kik folders that have numerous images and videos of child pornography. The multimedia was self-produced by victims with some being younger than the 14-year-old victim.

Investigators said they noticed a pattern with McCullough, he would coerce the victims to send him sexually explicit photos and videos, and promise to delete them once he gets more. However, when the victims sent more, McCullough would repeat the scheme. Police said the scheme started on November 1, 2018.

Along with the 30-year prison sentence, McCullough is sentenced to supervised release for the majority of his life. He will also have to pay $204,199 to one of his victims in reparations.