ST. LOUIS – After nearly two decades, the Missouri History Museum is closing the iconic 1904 World’s Fair exhibit. The fabulous fair attracted people from around the world to St. Louis to see athletes compete in the first-ever Olympic Games. Many were also drawn to see new products and technologies that changed the world, including sewing machines, fax machines, x-rays, and even ice cream cones. 

When the new 1904 World’s Fair exhibit reopens in the spring of next year, Adam Kloppe, a public historian, said it will be mind-blowing. 

“It’s going to show every building. Every pathway on those fairgrounds,” he said. “It’s going to be surrounded by touch-screen computers, so you can go on walking tours of the fair.”

The Missouri History Museum is hosting several events to commemorate the display. On Saturday, April 29, spectators can watch a screening of the classic film “Meet Me in St. Louis.” On Sunday, there will be a presentation of images from the 1904 World’s Fair that visitors can view in 3-D. 

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