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ST. LOUIS –  In less than seven weeks, you’ll need a photo ID to vote in Missouri.

Unless a judge blocks the new law before November.

Two groups filed two lawsuits last month asking a judge to block certain parts of a new state election’s law. The League of Women Voters and the NAACP said the legislation infringes on their freedom of speech and their ability to engage with voters. The state argues the organizations do not have enough witnesses to say the new law effects a Missourian from casting future ballots.

“The burdens that are imposed on speech here are not severe, they qualify as what the United States Supreme Court calls lesser burdens on expression and association,” Assistant Attorney General Charles Capps said.

“The state of Missouri has made it a felony to approach your neighbor and say, hey, I would really encourage you to apply to vote absentee,” Danielle Lang of the League of Women Voters said.

Under the law, if you don’t register with the Secretary of State before assisting a Missourian to register to vote, it could result in a felony and losing the right to vote.

The judge said he plans to make a ruling in the coming weeks.