Missouri lawmakers are sharing their reactions after 15 people, 14 of them children, were shot and killed at an elementary school 85 miles west of San Antonio Monday afternoon.

Missouri State House Democratic Floor Leader Crystal Quade, of Springfield, tweeted, “I’m ready for the Republicans who want to have an actual conversation about kids dying. Stop protecting a fertilized egg over breathing children.”

Democratic Representative for Lee’s Summit Keri Ingle tweeted, “How many more times will we allow this to happen to our children?? The ONLY way to prevent further senseless massacres is common sense gun laws.”

Representative Trish Gunby, a Democrat representing Ballwin, Missouri tweeted, “They were just babies, barely old enough to read and write their own names. The political cynicism and cowardice that consistently permits our children to be killed is despicable and evil. Our children should be free to grow up.”

Democrat Representative Sarah Unsicker tweeted, “I wish policymakers would put as much energy into keeping guns out of the hands of bad guys as they do putting guns into the hands of “law abiding citizens”.”

In a news conference after the shooting, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that it is being reported that the gunman shot his own grandmother before entering the school, but Abbott did not have further details about the connection between the two shooting incidents.