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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Have you ever wanted to take home some of the advertising you see in stores? Where do they come from? Well, a motivational speaker, author, and viral influencer named Kyle Scheele who lives near a gas station in Springfield, Missouri was curious about the topic. A viral video of his prank turned into a real-world meal deal.

Scheele asked a Kum and Go convenience store clerk if he could take home a cardboard cutout of Post Malone. The clerk said that he did not really know much about the ad. Vendors bring them in and take them out without really dealing with the other people working in the store.

A grand idea

This gave him an idea: “OK. I’m going to make a cardboard cutout of myself and put it inside a gas station.”

He worked with a graphic designer to make a life-sized cutout for the Kyle Scheele Meal featuring a pizza guitar. The billboard reminds him of an ad for a Branson show, “So, it is basically perfect.

“I’ve always wanted my own influencer meal. If it has to be at a gas station, so be it,” said Scheele.


Some friends try to get you into an MLM, I try to get you into an RHC (reverse heist crew) #heist #cardboardcutout

♬ original sound – kylescheele

Sneaking a giant billboard inside

Disguised in a hat and mask he drove the giant ad to the gas station in a rented van. He simply walked into the gas station and placed the billboard inside. The employees did not really seem to care, according to Scheele.

The sign stayed up for days according to commenters on Reddit. The video of Scheele’s prank gained over 20 million views on TikTok over the next few days. People posted videos of themselves asking about the meal and commenters tagged the gas station chain on social media.

Kum and Go then commented on the video, “We won’t tell if you won’t.”

They also tweeted about it:

The real Kyle Sheele Meale

It appears that Kum and Go saw all of the comments and videos from customers with questions about the cutout in the store. They responded by selling an actual “Kyle Scheele Meale.”

Kum and Go released this statement:

“Kum & Go is excited to answer the demands of our fans and announce the launch of the Kyle Scheele Meale. The Meale consists of a “Pizza Sandwich” (2 slices of pizza) and a 12oz Red Bull, all for $5. Kum & Go is donating $2 for every Scheele Meale sold between now and Thanksgiving to No Kid Hungry to provide meals for kids in need, up to $10,000. The Meale is available at all Kum & Go locations serving pizza. Kum & Go is thrilled to partner with Kyle on such a humorous, unexpected initiative that aligns with Kum & Go’s commitment to fighting food insecurity in our towns and cities.”

The Kyle Sheele Meale