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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. — The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a Fox C-6 teacher accused of sending inappropriate pictures to a student.

Investigators tell FOX 2 the teacher taught at Ridgewood Middle School. When FOX 2 asked the district about the investigation earlier in the day on Thursday, the district did not respond, but a letter was sent to parents later Thursday afternoon. 

“When I found out about it, I was pretty upset. I thought it was really disgusting,” Holly Burch tells FOX 2. 

Burch said she has a son who’s a student in the Fox C-6 School District. She said she and other parents got the letter today from the Fox C-6 superintendent, saying the district has received complaints about “inappropriate behavior by a Fox C-6 employee.” 

“I’m glad somebody came forward because I don’t even have the words, I don’t even know how to describe it it’s just sickening,” Burch said.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s office confirms it’s investigating a 37-year-old female teacher at Ridgewood Middle School for allegedly sending inappropriate photos to a student.  Burch said her son knows the student, who the teacher was sending the photos to. The son had some of the pictures on his phone as well, and she saw some of the photos. She said they were very inappropriate.  

“The pictures I saw it’s pretty disturbing,” Burch explained. “Just like, wow. It’s just shocking. I just don’t understand.” 

The Fox C-6 School District would not say whether the teacher is still employed.  

“I’m hoping that she’s not at the school district — that she won’t be able to ever be a teacher again,” Burch said.

Letter sent to parents: