MISSOURI – A newly-released report ranked Missouri among the bottom five U.S. states when it comes to its health system and pandemic performance.

The Commonwealth Fund, a nonprofit that promotes high-quality health systems, recently analyzed states based on their healthcare access, releasing a scorecard a few weeks ago. The annual scorecard considers criteria such as health care services, quality, costs and disparities. For the first time, states were also evaluated based on their COVID-19 response.

Missouri ranked 47th among 50 states and Washington D.C. in the overall scorecard, only trailing Texas, West Virgina, Oklahoma and Mississippi.

The Commonwealth Fund gave Missouri the following US rankings among criteria used in the scorecard:

  • COVID-19 response: 40 (of 51)
  • Access & Affordability: 38
  • Prevention & Treatment: 39
  • Avoidable Hospital Use & Cost: 50
  • Healthy Lives: 39
  • Income Disparity: 51
  • Racial & Ethnic Equity: 38

The report card cited a few trends that led to the ranking, including employer-sponsored insurance spending per enrollee, public health funding and potentially avoidable emergency department visits for people ages 18–64. Finding show many of the states near the bottom, including Missouri, had some of the lowest vaccination rates in the nation.

For the complete scorecard, click here. For Missouri’s individual scorecard, click here.