ST. LOUIS – Missourians need to turn in their personal property tax assessment forms by Wednesday to avoid any extra fees.

County assessor offices sent out forms at the beginning of the year via mail. The forms ask Missouri residents to list all personal property owned as of Jan. 1, 2023.

Some counties might allow you to submit the form online. You can fill it out and mail it to your assessor’s office, or drop it off in person at your county assessor’s office.

For those who miss the March 1 deadline to turn in or postmark your mail with your forms, there could be some penalties. St. Louis County and St. Charles County note that submitting a personal property tax assessment late could mean extra penalties up to $105.

The setup is slightly different in St. Louis City. The personal property assessment forms are due on April 1 each year. According to the city’s website, turning it in late could mean a penalty up to 10% of assessed value of the property.

For more information about personal property taxes and the assessment forms, click here.