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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A lot of people like to do crossword puzzles. Sometimes they don’t know all of the answers and turn to search engines for the results. Well, the term “Missouri River Feeder” is trending on Google Search today. It must have stumped a lot of people to be featured several times on the search engine’s directory.

The clue is featured in today’s puzzle by Craig Stowe running in the Los Angeles Times. It is #4 in the “down” list.

So, what is the answer? A website called Crosswordtracker follows all clues running in puzzles in major publications. They say it can be either Platte or Osage and note the correct answer on their website. The clue has run 11 times in various publications since 2006.

The Platte River is located in Nebraska and is 310 miles long. It is formed by the confluence of the North and South Platte Rivers. It joins the Missouri River near Omaha.

The Osage begins near the city of Rich Hill, Missouri and is named after the tribe of Native Americans. It flows east through the Ozarks before feeding into the Missouri River near Jefferson City.