ST. LOUIS — Regional utility companies Ameren Missouri and Spire are set to assist customers in the reduction of their utility bills by way of the PAYS (Pay As You Save) method.

This method allows a yearly reduction in energy costs as Missouri companies pay upfront for almost all of the energy-efficient equipment.

For the first time ever, the two companies are jointly offering the PAYS option. Ameren Missouri launched its own PAYS program just last year.

Customers join by agreeing to a no-obligation, free, home energy assessment. A customized plan by energy analysts then outlines the most energy-efficient and cost-effective upgrades that include a new water heater, duct sealing, furnace, and fixed insulation.

Ameren Missouri and Spire pay upfront for almost all of the energy-efficient equipment. A fixed monthly charge is how customers repay the cost of their utility bills. Customers’ charges from both companies will be split and reflected in both energy statements.

Lowering annual costs and using less energy all while paying for the monthly improvement is the procedure.

“The PAYS program is helping St. Louis-area families make their homes safer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient by removing financial barriers,” said Tony Lozano, director of energy solutions at Ameren Missouri. “We know many customers want to make these changes in their homes, but the upfront costs often keep them from acting. PAYS offers an avenue through this while also lowering monthly energy costs.”

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