POLK COUNTY, Mo. – A southwest Missouri man recently reeled in a state-record walleye.

The Missouri Department of Conservation recognizes Tim Stillings, of Morrisville, for catching a 7-pound, 8-ounce walleye on May 16 from the Sac River. His latest catch breaks a previous state record by 10 ounces.

Stillings caught the walleye using a trotline, a fishing line with individual hooks attached by smaller lines at intervals.

“We run trotlines for catfish. It’s somewhat of a dying art. A lot of people don’t do it anymore. But this was the first walleye we’ve caught on a trotline, and it happened to be a state record,” Stillings told the MDC.

Stillings said he considers this record a joint accomplishment with help from his friend, Jake Myers.

“Running trotlines is a lot of work,” Stillings said. “Jake was the one who suggested that it could be a state record. I didn’t realize they had separate records for alternative methods.”

MDC staff verified the fish’s weight on a certified scale in Bolivar. This is the third state-record fish caught in 2022. Fishermen snagged a record paddlefish and quillback at the Lake of the Ozarks abnd Table Rock Lake respectively in March.

Stillings said he filleted and froze the fish for eating but plans to have a replica made. For a closer look at some state record reels, click here.