Missouri’s frogging season begins tomorrow


A bullfrog swims in the water during a warm sunny day at the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge in Basom, N.Y., Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2012. (AP Photo/David Duprey)

ST. LOUIS – Missouri’s frogging season begins Wednesday at sunset.

The season goes on until October 31.

Anyone with a fishing permit or small-game hunting permit can frog for bullfrogs and green frogs in Missouri.

The Missouri Department of Conservation said a frogger’s daily limit is eight frogs of both species combined. Froggers cannot have in their possession more than 16 frogs of both species combined. The daily limit can only be possessed on waters and banks of waters where frogging is being done, and the daily limits end at midnight.

Those under 15 years old and those over 65 years old do not need to have a permit in order to go frogging.

When in possession of a fishing permit, the frogger can take frogs by hand, hand net, atlatl, gig, bow, trotline, limb line, bank line, jug line, snagging, snaring, grabbing or pole and line.

Youth who are frogging without a permit must use pole-and-line, gig, bow, crossbow, snaring, or grabbing and snagging.

MDC said those with a small-game hunting permit can harvest frogs via a .22 caliber or smaller rimfire rifle or pistol, pellet gun, atlatl, bow, crossbow, by hand or hand net.

Using an artificial light is allowed when frogging.

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