BRANSON, Mo. — Governor Mike Parson revealed he had a tattoo made honoring his office, voters, Missouri, his favorite team, Elvis, and his granddaughter.

Gov. Parson revealed on Facebook the backstory behind his first tattoo.

Last week at Chiefs training camp, I had the opportunity to huddle with our Super Bowl 57 champions and show off my new ink.

When I was in the Army, I had several buddies get tattoos but I never did. I always told myself if I ever got one it would have to be significant. Well this tattoo is very significant to me in a lot of ways.

The “57” represents my time serving as Missouri’s 57th Governor. I was honored to earn 57% of the vote during our election in 2020. AND, as a lifelong Chiefs fan, serving as the 57th Governor when the Chiefs won the 57th Super Bowl was a welcomed bonus.

The outline of Missouri represents my love for this state and its people. This state has always been my home, and when I got out of the Army, I told myself on the tarmac in Springfield that I would never leave this state again.

The lightning bolt is a nod to Elvis Presley’s album and motto “taking care of business in a flash” – perfectly summarizing the actions of our Administration since day one. Through every challenge, we’ve always taken care of business.

This tattoo is even more special to me because my talented granddaughter drew and designed the whole thing.

Josh Braig, of Branson, was the young artist who applied it. Josh is a devoted father, and man of faith, and it was an absolute joy getting to meet him and his young family.

The tattoo was a first for me and the first time Josh ever applied ink to a Governor – he did a great job!

Governor Mike Parson ‘s Facebook post

The post also shows Parson showing off his new ink to the Super Bowl Champions.