Missouri’s interstate system ranked 3 in U.S. for conditions, cost-effectiveness


Commuters on Interstate 70 just west of Highway 370 on May 20, 2011. Photo by Dawn Majors of the Post-Dispatch

ST. LOUIS – Missouri has one of the most cost-effective highway systems in the country according to the Annual Highway Report published by Reason Foundation.

Missouri came in number 3 overall for cost-effectiveness and condition. It is down one from last year’s ranking.

Missouri is also one of five states that spent less than $30,000 per mile of highway, among the lowest in the nation. Missouri’s state-controlled highway mileage makes it the 6th largest highway system in the country.

The report measures the condition and cost-effectiveness of state-controlled highways in 13 categories, including urban and rural pavement condition, deficient bridges, traffic fatalities, spending per mile, and administrative costs per mile of highway.

It also found when it comes to safety and performance categories, Missouri ranks:

  • 27th in overall fatality rate
  • 34th in structurally deficient bridges
  • 9th in traffic congestion
  • 18th in urban interstate pavement condition
  • 11th in rural interstate pavement condition

“To improve in the rankings, Missouri needs to reduce its urban fatality rate and its percentage of structurally deficient bridges,” said Baruch Feigenbaum, lead author of the Annual Highway Report and senior managing director of transportation policy at Reason Foundation.

The report found if Missouri fixed those areas it would be a contender for the number one overall ranking.

How does Missouri compare to its neighbors:

  •  Missouri’s overall highway performance is better than Arkansas (ranks 17th), Iowa (ranks 22nd), and Illinois (ranks 40th).
  • Missouri is doing better than comparable states like Kansas (ranks 7th) and Louisiana (ranks 18th).


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