ST. LOUIS — Get to know the reporters who grace your TV screens every day. Introducing Mitch McCoy, the first anchor in our series.

McCoy recently returned to the St. Louis area from Little Rock, Arkansas. He worked at KARK-TV, a sister station to Fox 2 / KPLR 11. The Nexstar Media Group owns the TV stations mentioned in this article.

McCoy says his family help him to excel both professionally and personally. His parents grew up in the St. Louis region, but McCoy spent his youth in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

McCoy is the oldest of his brothers. After graduating from high school, he started a job at WJRW radio in Grand Rapids in 2012 and worked until 2013. The time in radio is what kick-started his career as a journalist.

“I did not go to college, and I don’t mind sharing that. I graduated from high school, and we were on the verge of losing our home in Michigan because my dad was sick, and my mom had to close her business. I ended up getting a job in radio to help pay the bills,” shared McCoy.

However, due to his father’s illness, his father moved back to St. Louis in 2013 for a life-extending surgery. McCoy, his mother and siblings followed after to be closer to their extended family. McCoy then got a job in St. Louis to work for KTRS and was a producer for Martin Kilcoyne and Randi Naughton from 2013 to 2014.

His experience in radio played a crucial role in preparing him for his transition to television. He eventually secured a position at KQTV as an executive producer and reporter in St. Joseph, Missouri from 2014 to 2015. When McCoy was working there, Nexstar Media Group owned the station. Before they sold it, McCoy attended a conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, hosted by KARK-TV, which is also under the ownership of Nexstar Media Group.

Impressed by his visit to Arkansas, McCoy joined KARK-TV in 2015 and worked as a reporter until 2019 before taking a break for a year to work in media relations for the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office. In 2020 McCoy went back to KARK-TV for three more years.

His father passed away in August 2021 after a battle with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC). ACC is a rare cancer, affecting a few thousand people every year.

McCoy spent nearly eight years of his career to Little Rock. However, McCoy’s journey took a new turn in April 2023 when he joined the team at FOX 2 News.

McCoy’s area of expertise lies within the Fox Files team at Fox 2 and KPLR 11. He is an investigative reporter, meaning he digs deep into major crime, political corruption and wrongdoing.

“As a member of the Fox Files and the investigative team, we seek out corruption and wrongdoing within our government. We hold powerful individuals accountable for their actions and utilize journalism to protect our community,” explained McCoy.

McCoy believes that the ability to listen is crucial for success as an investigative journalist. Individuals must analyze and interpret complex situations to gain a better understanding of an issue before reporting on possible solutions.

“My mom was a small business owner, and my dad was a Carpenter. I witnessed firsthand their hard work for our family. Observing their dedication and expertise showed me how hard work and a little know how can go a long way,” shared McCoy.

He said it gave him a foundation to his career and recognized the importance of protecting other families who may be in a tough spot and trying to make ends meet. Investigative journalism provides him with an opportunity to improve their lives and create a positive difference.

“As an investigative reporter, I have uncovered wrongdoing within various branches of government,” said McCoy. “For instance, in Little Rock, there was an issue with public defenders where a judge was denying people their right to legal representation. I witnessed the impact on the affected individuals.”

After McCoy’s investigation, he was asked to testify before state lawmakers on what he uncovered.

McCoy’s goal is to inform the public about the inner workings of government, uncover wrongdoing and tell stories that create change. His desire to help stems from his familial connections in St. Louis.

To maintain a peaceful mindset and relieve work-related stress, McCoy finds solace in hiking. Engaging in this outdoor activity allows him to clear his mind and discover serenity amidst the natural world.

“I love to eat, so I have to walk and hike,” quipped McCoy. When he isn’t hiking or spending time with his family, he enjoys using his days off to catch up on TV shows. “I use my free time to catch up on all the TV shows that I’ve missed throughout the week because I’m always working. That’s usually how I spend the majority of either my Saturday or Sunday—bingeing and catching up on all the network shows that I couldn’t watch during the week.”

McCoy’s remarkable investigative reporting skills were recognized with a Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for his outstanding performance in the field.

He was awarded an Edward R. Murrow Award and EMMY for Investigative Reporting that exposed how a judge denied many Arkansans the public defender. The judge was ultimately disciplined by the Arkansas Supreme Court and later resigned. McCoy was recently awarded his second Edward R. Murrow for his podcast County Road 41, which highlights the high-profile Arkansas kidnapping, rape and murder of a jogger.

McCoy is excited about living and working in St. Louis because most of his family also lives in the area.