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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Transportation held a virtual public meeting Thursday to share details about a major project involving Interstate 55.

Fourteen bridges are slated for maintenance in an area stretching from Downtown St. Louis to Lindbergh in south county. The work won’t begin until next year but MoDOT wants drivers to be informed.

According to MoDOT, bridges at Gravois Creek, Green Park, River Des Peres, northbound and southbound Union Pacific Railroad, and over South 2nd Street, will have the deck (the driving surface and concrete barrier) removed and replaced.

Bridges at Bayless, Koeln Avenue, Virginia, Bates, 4500 S. Broadway, Gasconade, Potomac, and 3200 S. Broadway, will have concrete on the bridge removed and repaved.

Drivers should expect lane closures, ramp closures and lane shifts. There will be times when one direction of highway traffic will share lanes with the other direction.

“You’ll see some lane restrictions,” said MoDOT area engineer Jen Wade. “We’ll drop down to three or two lanes in a particular direction for a few months.”

Wade said ramp closures will likely be the most significant traffic disruption for commuters. She said drivers will not have to travel very far to access an open ramp because the exits along I-55 are close to each other.

Bicyclists and walkers will also be affected. A brief one or two-day closure of the River Des Peres and Grant’s Trails are expected. The Carondelet Connector will be disrupted for several months, according to MoDOT.

“We’ll be designing a re-route so bikers can still get through the area,” Wade said.

A pedestrian bridge just north of Reavis Barracks will be demolished. The bridge has been closed for two years due to safety concerns. The demolition will lead to the only expected shutdown of the interstate during the project. Wade said the demolition would likely be completed over the course of a weekend.

The entire project is scheduled to completed in the late summer of 2024. The bridges undergoing maintenance are between 55 and 60 years old.

“We’re really excited about the project,” said Wade. “It’s going to be a big investment in maintaining this really important corridor for a long time to come.”