MoDOT patches pavement break on I-64 after several cars damaged


CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – An extra obstacle for drivers in the Chesterfield Valley Wednesday morning. MoDOT had to make emergency repairs to Interstate 64 just west of Chesterfield Parkway after several cars were damaged by a break in the pavement. Two westbound lanes of I-64 had to be closed for the repairs.

Concrete began to crumble around a bridge expansion joint on the east side of the bridge over the Monarch Levee trail. We spotted several cars pulled off the roadway dealing with tire damage. Crews quickly got to work and the lanes reopened around 6:30 a.m.

“Crews have patched that temporarily and when warmer temperatures come back next week we’ll do a more permanent repair,” said MoDOT Asst. District Engineer Michelle Forneris.

The recent changes in temperature, from the warm December to the January cold, likely contributed to the trouble as water expands and contracts with the freezes and thaws.

“This was previously patched area. So, with the colder temperatures and the moisture and the fluctuation, sure, water got down in there and popped out this area of pavement right before the bridge,” Forneris said.

Again, MoDOT will return to the bridge for permanent repairs after we warm up. So, if you travel this stretch, watch out for more lane closures soon.

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