ST. LOUIS – Possible future improvements to Interstate 64 in the city of St. Louis were laid out at a MoDOT open house. MoDOT’s focus is on the central corridor of I-64 between Jefferson and Kingshighway Streets.

MoDOT estimated that I-64 in that general area needs $100 million worth of bridge repairs. They unveiled three different improvement plan options at an open house Wednesday in the Cortex.

The possibilities include everything from lengthening ramps or building new ones, to constructing bridges that would improve access to MetroLink stations to creating lanes for only buses to use.

MoDOT welcomed public input at the open house and utilized lots of visual aids to help people understand the options.

MoDOT told FOX 2 that one priority from citizens has been to improve safety and access along the corridor for cyclists and pedestrians.

Here are some of what MoDOT and a people attending the open house had to say.

“We’re designing and thinking about the year 2050 on this study, MoDOT Area Engineer Jen Wade shared. “So we do want to make sure that whatever we put in place isn’t going to come obsolete within the next few decades.”

She added, “It’s just time. There’s not any emergency here, but it is time to invest in these structures to make sure they’re going to last for the next 50 to 70 years.”

St. Louis resident Elizabeth Odell told FOX 2, “Pedestrian and bike transportation, it’s important to us. It, it’s an important asset to city living. So that’s what, that’s what we’re interested in.”

City local Jeff Stoecker had similar concerns. He explained, “For me, having good access to bike lanes, having protected bike lanes, being able to freely get to some of those places north and south across you know – train tracks and the highways; pretty important and want to be able to see what kind of ideas they are coming up with and what they’re bringing forward to us.”

MoDOT said nothing has been chosen yet, and it’s possible that elements from each proposal could be included in an eventual final plan.