ST. LOUIS – Do not expect highways in Missouri to be cleared of snow as quickly as they have been in the past. 

Missouri’s Department of Transportation (MoDOT) wants you to know it is dealing with a major snowplow driver shortage. 

“We are around 1,000 employees short,” said Tom Blair, the St. Louis district engineer for MoDOT. 

The department is planning to bring any drivers from other parts of the city to deal with the shortages, a move that has been done before. Blair expects to bring in more drivers than ever this winter season. 

“We have moved employees before in previous years, but never like this,” he said. 

Blair and assistant district engineer Tom Evers are also looking for feedback on potential MoDOT improvements in the St. Louis region. 

“We want to make our roads safer,” Evers said. “We want as few backups as possible.” 

Evers helped present a list of more than 80 projects. The department is looking for feedback on Tuesday night at Forest Park. 

“We need these people in the region to tell us if this list looks appropriate or if there’s something else that we are missing,” Evers said. 

Five of the potential projects listed in the St. Louis region are Highway 100 in Franklin County, Interstate 64 in St. Charles County and St. Louis City County, and Interstates 270 and 70 in St. Louis County. 

“These are the next projects that, as taxes are collected that will become funded,” Blair said. 

MoDOT is looking for your feedback on its list. You can leave your comments here.