MoDOT workers take precautions during dangerous heat wave


ST. LOUIS -This heat is downright dangerous, and for some professions, working outdoors isn’t an option. Today was another one where those working outside had to be extremely cautious of their conditions. 

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and other construction workers arguably have some of the toughest jobs during this dangerously hot weather.

Not only is it the air temperature, but the road surface temperatures they are working on. The Woods Basement Systems Storm Runner’s road sensor read over 120 degrees this afternoon making their jobs in this heat hazardous. 

Kristi Coppinger, MoDOT district safety and health manager for St. Louis, reminds their crews to drink plenty of fluids, wear loose, breathable clothing, use cooling towels, and take their break in the shade as needed. 

“Our crews have done phenomenal this season with adhering to our recommendations on being hydrated, not even just at work, but outside of work to prepare for the next day,” Coppinger said.

“And taking the breaks in the shade and just knowing their body and watching out for each other like a buddy system with their coworkers.” 

She also asks that the supervisors schedule more vigorous work before the high heat of the day. 

“So the more strenuous work, pavement work, asphalt work, we do try to do in the cooler morning hours where the afternoon work we may do the mowing in an enclosed cab with air conditioning, we just try to schedule that around the heat,” she said. 

That’s exactly what happened Thursday. Fox 2 tried to catch up with two different crews who both mostly wrapped up their work before the hottest part of the afternoon so they could stay safe.

Luckily, the heat breaks for Friday and the weekend. 

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