ST. LOUIS – More flights were canceled and delayed at St. Louis Lambert International Airport on Wednesday. Terminal 2 was filled with passengers hoping for good news about their flights.

“If there is a cancelation, we just go back home. So, I mean there is no other way to get there,” said Terry Hicks. “We checked with our travel agent, and she’s checked other flights. She’s checked Amtrak buses, everything is kind of full, you know.”

Many people called travel agents for guidance after thousands of flights were canceled and delayed.

“This could have been something even more widespread. It could have been a computer glitch, they really have not specified,” said Stacey Acree with Brentwood Travel. “But the customers do have rights for vouchers, hotels, and overnight stays if it’s going to be longer than 24 hours cancellation.”

Acree said not to leave the airport if your flight is canceled, and that some airlines work together to get passengers to their destinations.

“The other airlines—American, Delta, and United, do have what’s a reciprocity program where they can sometimes go to the other airlines, and they will let you change the other ticket,” Acree said. “It has to be done by the airlines.”

Acree recommended that people buy travel insurance, especially when traveling over the holidays.

“We always get travel insurance. Just in case like this,” Hicks said. “Southwest, you know, we received an email if they cancel, we’ll get a full refund.”