ST. LOUIS – In the next few weeks, Delaware North Sportservice will be hiring hundreds more workers ahead of the 2023 Opening Day. 

Last week, Mackenzie Rosener, the food and beverage director for Delaware North, hired about 120 people. 

“Where we are at now is a much better spot to date than when we were a year ago,” Rosener said. 

The challenge, Rosener said, is keeping that number of employees up throughout the season, as many concessions and retail workers may only stay on staff for a few weeks. 

“It’s a matter of keeping the momentum moving forward,” Rosener said. “We’ll continue to do job fairs each month as necessary just to keep those numbers where they need to be.”

Akil Poynter was hired recently to work in retail at Busch Stadium. It will be his first season working at the stadium. 

“My whole life, I always thought about working at Busch Stadium,” he said. “Because all the people there and the games going on and all the stuff you see on TV.”

Delaware North will have three more hiring events before the season kicks off on March 8, 18, and 22. 

Poynter is excited not only about being able to work at Busch Stadium but to also be a part of history. 

“Just being here around the environment and knowing what I’m doing is helping the people that’s coming to the stadium to watch our famous Cardinals,” he said. “To be a part of that is like history, something I can tell my kids later on in life.”