NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – The latest round of rain is hampering the cleanup for north St. Loius County residents hit hard during Tuesday’s flash flooding. Residents are trying to figure out what to do next.

Dozens of flood victims are taking shelter temporarily at the James Eagan Community Center in Florissant. The American Red Cross set up the shelter Wednesday, moving some flood victims who stayed overnight at a Richmond Heights shelter.

Several victims in North St. Louis County told FOX2 they had renters insurance, but they had no idea they needed separate insurance to cover flood damage. Now, they are wondering if help is on the way.

“They already signed relief. Why are we not [getting] relief? We got no help yet,” said Gerald Griffin.
Many North County flood victims are frustrated following Tuesday’s massive rainfall, leading to upwards of 11 inches in some parts of the St. Louis region.

Crews rescued more than 100 people Tuesday from high water in Hazelwood. Some of those victims were stuck at the Reserve at Winding Creek Apartments. Several were taken by boat and had to leave behind their soggy possessions.
“In a nutshell, we lost it all. Although we were on the second floor. The mildew and after-effects, everything is gone, “said Griffin
“Where are the resources? I know with FEMA, it’s a process. It takes a little time. Things have to be approved financially being here in the midst of everything. It taught me great patience,” said flood cleanup volunteer Pierre McCleary.

The American Red Cross is providing food and shelter for the victims.

”Our primary focus today [is to] make sure people here in the shelter are safe, comfortable and fed,” said Jennifer McGrath. “Our second priority is to get damage assessment done in the Greater St. Louis area to find out what damage has been done, cause then that will drive the kind of resources and assistance that we can provide in the coming days.”
Multi-South Management Services, the company that manages the apartments, informed tenants they need to make plans to get any belongings removed by Friday, or the items will be removed and disposed by constrictions teams.

Tenants were also told, although the standards renter’s insurance policy could cover some forms of water damage to personal property, renters insurance does not cover flood damage to your belongings due to weather. Several North County residents are wondering how they will recover.
“We lost everything, all our clothes, furniture, school clothes. Everything,” said Dominique Johnson. “Renter’s insurance did not cover flood insurance, so we have to replenish everything.”

Flood victims say more heavy rain Thursday is something the area didn’t need as they try to salvage belongings.