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ST. CHARLES, Mo. – The St. Charles County Department of Public Health confirmed Thursday that three more employees at CenterPointe Hospital have tested positive for COVID-19.

CenterPointe acquired its own diagnostic testing and has tested over 60 staff members, including those who have not shown any symptoms of COVID-19. As of Thursday afternoon, 27 workers and four patients have tested positive.

The psychiatric hospital had the testing done after a patient tested positive for coronavirus on Sunday, March 28. They wanted to test everyone that may have had exposure to that patient.

Those testing positive included registered nurses, mental health technicians, social workers, and a housekeeper.

Three employees have returned to work in accordance with CDC guidelines while the rest remain quarantined in their homes.

Two of the patients to test positive have been discharged and are in quarantine.

The hospital is still planning to test up to 20 more people. A total of 50 are quarantined right now, some of them on self-imposed quarantine. 

Hospital representatives stressed they took a lot of preventative measures including setting up a coronavirus task force in February, taking the temperature of people coming in the building, and making sure workers had personal protective equipment. They’ve put the facility on lockdown with no visitors and they didn’t accept any new patients.

Additionally, the hospital is working to open a dedicated unit to treat mental health patients who have tested positive with the coronavirus.