ST. LOUIS — A weekend to celebrate mothers was once again plagued by gun violence in St. Louis. More than 10 shootings were reported over the weekend, with at least four ending fatally.

James Clark with the St. Louis Metropolitan Urban League said pieces are in place to curb gun violence, but St. Louis is playing catch-up.

“We have got to address the lawlessness that comes from the criminal element or that comes from the naive element that thinks that gun violence is a way to solve conflicts,” Clark said.

The violence comes after a gun lock safety initiative and a “Justice for Us” Mother’s Day march were both held over the weekend. The weather was great, and Clark said as we see more of the same, it is imperative to be aware.

“We see that the temperatures are about to go up, so we can expect a spike in gun violence now,” Clark said.

Terriuana Childs of north St. Louis lost someone close to her just last week ahead of the violent weekend and agrees with Clark.

“It’s very messed up, people just out here doing anything killing anybody. People don’t know how to sit down and chill and be calm,” Childs said.

As a young mother, she feels like some gun owners just don’t care adding that violence isn’t the solution.

“It ain’t getting them nowhere but in jail. It ain’t getting them nowhere. What is it doing? It ain’t getting anybody nowhere it’s sad,” Childs said.