Mosquito numbers will be climbing over the next week due to ideal weather conditions


ST. LOUIS – If you spent time outside recently you may have noticed some bug bites. Mosquito numbers are going to be climbing ahead of the holiday weekend. The rain last week, combined with a big warm-up for the weekend, means conditions are ideal for those irritating mosquitoes.

“The phones are ringing off the hook,” said Jay Everitt, technical director for Rottler Pest Solutions. “We’re hearing things like mosquitoes are getting crazy with all that rain we had. So if you’re outside working around the outside of your house expect to see some of them biting insects out there.”

Last week’s rain provided plenty of moisture and therefore breeding opportunities for them.

“As we’re out there in the yards and the gutters are filled up, those are areas where they’re going to start breeding. So I would say in the next week or two we’re really going to see the results of this wet weather and this warming trend we are kind of in,” he said.

The lifecycle of a mosquito is short.

“In as little as five days. So, (they) start out as an egg. They go through their lifecycle and come out as a biting adult after that,” Everitt said.

The more intervals of rain we have, the more mosquitoes we will see. And when that’s combined with warm temperatures is compounds the problem even faster.

To help control the issue make sure you don’t have any puddling water.

“If you have kids’ toys or trashcan lids, things like that that are holding moisture right now, just simply flip that over. They won’t survive and that’ll help that situation,” Everitt said.

When you’re outside doing work make sure to wear repellant.

“Wear the long sleeves if you can stand it based on the temperatures. But if you can’t, use the repellants. There are some repellants out there that work pretty well. The ‘Off’ products, those type products that contain DEET.”

When you’re spending time on your patio, a simple solution can help a lot.

“Put a fan out. Mosquitoes aren’t strong flyers either, so sometimes just that air current can keep them away from you,” Everitt said. “It goes the same for house flies too.”

Everitt also wants to remind everyone that when it comes to insecticides and other products homeowners can buy to control pests, it’s imperative to read the label. These products can be harmful to us and our pets if not applied properly. Some products can be dangerous if you inhale them or if it gets on your skin. He recommends wearing gloves and long sleeves and following the directions.

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