Mother believes person found dead in Jefferson County home is her daughter


Update: Sheriff Dave Marshak confirms that the body found in the home was Tanya Gould, 31, of Cedar Hill.

CEDAR HILL, Mo. – The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department said a woman’s body was found inside a Cedar Hill home where a deadly shootout occurred last Friday. While authorities wait for the medical examiner to positively identify the body, Cindy Gould believes the dead woman is her daughter, Tanya.

Cindy Gould spoke with FOX 2 about her daughter’s past with 36-year-old Anthony Legens, and shared pictures and a statement.

“This was a tragedy. It’s a ripple effect,” she said. “I pray that out all of this darkness and evilness that light and goodness will come out of it, and there will be help for domestic abuse victims to change laws, to help the mentally ill and their families.”

A GoFundMe page set up by Tanya’s friends describes her as “the most beautiful soul who lost her life at the hands of domestic abuse,” adding that she “made several attempts to escape.”

“She was ” a GoFundMe page setup by Tanya’s friend reads. “Tanya was murdered by a man she had made several attempts to escape from.”

Authorities said Legens had prior criminal cases for domestic assault, burglary, illegal weapon possession, and drug charges.

Authorities were executing a search warrant in the 8000 block of Lake Drive in Cedar Hill last Friday as part of a missing persons investigation into 36-year-old Jerry Crew. He was last seen on April 21, 2021.

Authorities were outside the home on Lake Drive when Legens began shooting at authorities, who fired back. Legens was shot and killed around 10:45 p.m.

A SWAT team member was shot at and taken to an area hospital. He underwent surgery and is in serious but stable condition.

“My heart sank. I immediately started thinking about him and his family. It’s hard to process how bad things can happen to good people and this definitely seems to be one of those situations,” Grant Bissell, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson, said. “We’ve been in contact with (the SWAT team member) and family members as well. He is in relatively good spirits, as best he can be in a situation like this, but sounds like he has a ways to go yet in his recovery,”

One investigation into a missing person has now resulted in another case for detectives.

“Anytime you have a situation like this, where somebody is suspected of a crime and then that person dies in whatever manner before investigators can talk with that person, there’s a lot of information that likely gets lost that you may never get back because this guy probably took secrets to his grave,” Bissell said.

If anyone has information about Crew’s disappearance, you’re asked to contact Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department Detective Bureau.

“There has been extensive searches already done and there will be more at this point,” Bissell said.

Authorities said there has been an outpouring of support for the SWAT team member shot in the line of duty.

The sheriff’s department said people can send donations to the wounded deputy through Fortune Bank on Jeffco Boulevard in Arnold.

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