ST. LOUIS – This weekend marks the 20th anniversary of when Christian Ferguson went missing. His father was convicted of Ferguson’s murder, but the child’s body was never found.

Ferguson’s mother, Theda Person, is pushing for a new alert system she believes will save lives. She joined St. Louis Alderwoman Shameem Clark Hubbard Friday to announce the effort to make the alert system a reality.

“We can’t just lay back,” Person said. “We can’t be complacent. We have to do what we can while we have time.”

She’s pushing for an alert system that would alert the public when someone with a medical condition or disability is missing. The CTF Medical Alert would be named after Christian Taylor Ferguson. Person said she welcomes feedback from anyone who could help make the idea a reality.

“Some mothers probably would have crawled up, balled up, and went away, but Theda, we thank you as a community for not doing that,” Hubbard said.

The alderwoman said Person’s determination has inspired her and announced her support for the system. Hubbard expects the idea will go national.

Ferguson has a medical condition that required daily medication to keep him alive. A remembrance of his life will take place outside the World’s Fair Pavilion at Forest Park at 5 p.m. on Sunday, June 11. It was June 11, 2003, when Ferguson went missing.

Person said she will share memories on Sunday as she tries to turn her tragedy into something positive. She invites everyone to attend Sunday’s memorial.