Mother who had kids taken by Missouri goes viral helping others


ST. LOUIS– A Lebanon, Missouri mother is getting a lot of attention for her recent TikTok videos where she shares how her baby’s medical condition was mistaken for abuse. Now 5 years later, Rebecca Wanosik says she wants to help other families going through a similar situation.

Wanosik said, “It’s really important to me that people know they aren’t alone and that there are services available.”

She said she is now a member of the group Fractured Families to assist others like hers. The group is made up of five mothers whose lives were permanently altered due to allegations of child abuse

Wanosik posted 7 TikTok videos detailing what happened over the 10 month period she lost her children. The first video had more than 787,000 views in less than 18 hours. There are also a lot of comments of people sympathizing with the family.


How I lost my kids to Missouri’s foster care system Part 1 #fostercare #fostercarestories

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She even told viewers to “google her” because she shared her story with the media at the time. She said, “I made a big deal about it because you weren’t going to tell me I did something I didn’t do. It just wasn’t going to happen.”

She explained she had her fifth child during a home birth and she was happy, healthy, and appeared to be thriving. She said when Zayden was 3 weeks old she noticed her ribs would pop and crack.

Wanosik said she went to the doctor and he noticed it but said it didn’t seem to be bothering the baby and said she was perfect. The baby continued to be fussy and it would particularly bother her when she waved her hand.

The mother took the child back to the doctor’s but saw a different pediatrician. X-rays revealed the baby had 3 rib fractures and a fractured wrist. The doctor asked Wanosik if someone hurt the child. Police and Missouri’s child protective services were called to investigate.

She shared the emotional journey of not being allowed to see her baby alone at the hospital and then having her other children placed into foster care.

Wanosik said she knew it wasn’t abuse and began researching. She found a TV special about other children with unexplained fractures that were taken away by the state. It lead Wanosik to contact a doctor that discovered Zayden had a vitamin D deficiency and infantile rickets.

She said it was tough to get the baby’s medical records even though her parental rights hadn’t been terminated. Wanosik stressed to others in a similar role that it is against a parent’s civil liberties to deny you those records.

Even years later, Wanosik said she is still fighting to get her and her husband’s names off the state’s Child Abuse and Neglect Registry. She said State Rep. Bill Hardwick is even helping with the efforts.

Wanosik said her family is still recovering. She said they spent more than $60,000 in legal bills. They opened up a bakery to help build more income after the ordeal.

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