ST. LOUIS — As temperatures get warmer, more motorcycle riders are taking to the streets. In just the span of a couple of days, two motorcycle riders have lost their lives in crashes in the St. Louis area.

FOX 2’s Bommarito Automotive Group SkyFOX flew over the scene of one of those crashes Friday afternoon in downtown St. Louis. The crash happened around 2:30 pm.

Police said a motorcyclist rear-ended a pick-up truck that was carrying a trailer. The motorcyclist was thrown from the bike and pronounced dead at the scene. 

Friday morning, another motorcyclist had to be air-lifted to a hospital after a crash. Also, on Thursday, a motorcyclist died from being in a crash on Manchester and Dale.

“As the weather starts warming up, we’re clearly going to see more motorcyclists that are on the road, versus colder months,” said Larry Kurtz,  a motorcycle safety instructor at Gateway Harley-Davidson.

He primarily teaches safety to new riders with a three-day course. His biggest advice is to be aware.

“I think one of the key things that we teach is ‘assume that you’re invisible,’ assume that no one can see you when you’re riding, and be extremely aware of your surroundings,” Kurtz said.

Kurtz said another tip for motorists and motorcyclists is to keep a safe following distance.

“Two seconds is the ideal following distance when conditions are ideal, but keep in mind conditions are rarely ideal,” Kurtz adds.

Kurtz said he would like to see the city and county fix more roads and potholes to keep motorists as safe as possible. Kurtz also urges the public to do their part and look out for those motorcycles.

“We try to be respectful, and we would also like motorists to be respectful of us,” Kurtz said. “Be aware that we’re out there. We’re looking for you, so please look for us.”

The month of May is also motorcycle awareness month. Gateway Harley-Davidson will be offering new rider classes. For more information, click here.