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FENTON, Mo. – Some Fenton residents are happy to know that a wastewater treatment plant causing bad odors for years is finally coming down.

Joni Ewing-Andrews is sure she won’t miss the treatment plant when she walks her dog anymore.

“Just depending on what time of year and what’s going on, it smells bad,” Ewing-Andrews said.

There’s good news for her and others who notice the stench.

The building that was scheduled to only be in Fenton temporarily, will finally come down decades later. How it’s paid for is up to voters.

“This is federally mandated government work that we have to do,” Sean Hadley of the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) said.

MSD said the wastewater rate proposal seeks to fund a four-year, nearly 2 billion dollar capital improvement program to meet regulatory and system improvement needs.

“What we’re asking for when people go to the polls tomorrow is how they want to fund our wastewater management program and that’s prop y,” Hadley.

How you vote on Tuesday, whether it’s for or against ‘Prop Y,’ will impact your pocketbook.

If you vote yes, your sewer rates will go up 3.5%.

“The average sewer bill is about $56. They’ll see it go up to about $62,” Hadley said. “If it’s a no vote, then people will see their sewer bill go up from $56 to $86.

Hadley said the five other propositions you’ll see on your ballot Tuesday are required every 10 years to ask the public about updating its Charter.

“A lot of the propositions you’ll see, 1-5, are more procedural things to update the language in the Charter and that’s what you’re seeing on the ballot tomorrow, April 6th.”