ST. LOUIS – A business’ pickup truck hit several parked cars in south St. Louis. It’s unknown if that truck was stolen.

Police said a white work truck hit a green Dodge pickup, as well as a white Dodge sedan. The green pickup went from where it was parked to directly behind the white sedan, over the sidewalk, and into a stairway and rail.

The impact of the crash into the white sedan caused it to hit a beige sedan in front of it.

This all happened just before 1:30 a.m. The crashes were initially called in as a fire. We’re told there were no injuries, but the driver of the white work truck, which belongs to a landscaping company in Kirkwood, located 12 miles away, got out of the truck and left the scene.

The driver still on the run. It’s unknown if that landscaping truck that caused the crashes was stolen.

St. Louis firefighters responded to the scene first because the white work truck had gas leaking from it, which caused the truck and part of the ground to catch fire.

Drivers on Chippewa Street and Louisiana Avenue are urged to be cautious as there is still debris and glass all over the roads.