ST. LOUIS – There were at least six St. Louis business break-ins overnight, including five at one strip mall. The strip mall was struck just off Natural Bridge, roughly between Kingshighway and Union. There is still some shattered glass on the ground, and several doors and windows are boarded up.

The surveillance footage provided by the owner of the Prince Collection shows one person taking the cash drawer, then suspects going in and out of the store. Police say they received the call about the break-ins around one o’clock this morning.

Police say when they arrived, they saw a gray Nissan Altima leaving the scene. They did not pursue the car.

The owner of the Prince Collection, Paul Jackson, spoke about what happened here overnight. He claims the criminals only stole about four dollars from his store, but they are causing him major headaches.

The sixth business to be broken into is Pappy’s Smokehouse in midtown.

Less than two hours before the strip mall break-ins, Pappy’s Smokehouse was hit in midtown on Olive. Just like at the strip mall, the Pappy’s Cash drawer was discovered in the parking lot.

A manager said that the burglars got away with less than 100 dollars. Authorities say that a gray Nissan Altima, just like the one from the strip mall, was captured on video leaving that scene.

There is no word that anyone involved in these latest incidents is in custody.

Jackson is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever broke into his store. You can email Paul with any information- his email is