ST. LOUIS – Thousands attended Sunday’s Music at the Intersection festival. Organizers estimate as many as 12,000 people attended the event over the weekend.

Some people came out for a specific artist.

“Super excited to see Thundercat. For me, it’s the musicality of it all, and that’s what I’m looking forward to is just hearing a live band, live music, and getting to see him doing his best,” Kayla Gamble said.

Others were there to see the variety of music at the festival.

“You’ve got every different kind of music here all teaming up and everybody is enjoying all of it, it’s a wonderful thing,” Pete Salsich said.

Around 50 artists from across the world were out at the event, performing on the different stages.

“The intersectionality of our music heritage. It’s the intersection of arts and life here at the Grand Center Arts District. It’s the intersection of all this music, and the genres and the people. It’s just the thing that brings us all together,” Chris Hansen, executive director of the Kranzberg Arts Foundation, said.

He said each year the festival keeps growing.

“We’re always rooted at our footprint on the American songbook and we’re telling you where music is going and how jazz and blues and soul are informing modern day rock and roll, R&B, and hip-hop,” said Hansen.

People attending the event said part of the fun is learning about new artists and bands they haven’t heard of before.

“Just sitting in and getting to see all of the acts that I wasn’t, you know, didn’t even know about,” Gamble said. “So, getting some new bands that I’ll probably look up in the future has been really nice, and getting to see acts that don’t normally come to the Midwest, which is also great.”