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RICHMOND, Mo. – A woman in western Missouri has claimed one of two remaining $3 million prizes in a scratchers game that launched earlier this year.

The woman, who declined to be identified, recently purchased a 300X scratchers ticket on her way home from work at the Hughes Self Service on Highway 10 in Ray County.

She scratched only part of the ticket and thought she won $100,000. She went up to the counter to have the ticket checked.

“The woman working scanned it and just told me I needed to go home and scratch the rest of it,” she said. “So, I took it home and scratched it the rest of the way off and my knees buckled!”

300X” is a $30 scratchers game that launched on Jan. 4, 2021. There are more than $60.6 million in unclaimed prizes, including one more top prize of $3 million and two $100,000 prizes. People have a 1 in 2.64 chance of winning a prize playing 300X.

“I was excited when I thought I had won $100,000! But this was a little more than that!” she said.