ST. LOUIS –  The St. Louis city and county chapters of the NAACP want to change police chase policies.

The decision was made after a police chase in May killed five members of one family.

The NAACP spoke with city and county police about their pursuit policies. They also got the Department of Justice to help review those policies. The NAACP plans to share its findings at a news conference Wednesday morning at 10.

In a letter to the police, the group said “Data collection on police pursuits makes a strong case for opting not to pursue.”

Five members of one family died in a crash with a driver in a stolen Jeep fleeing police.
That happened on Mother’s Day weekend along Delmar Boulevard in west St. Louis. Police said later that they had no information on the Jeep being pursued. However, officers did try to use spike strips.

18-year-old Marshawn Stepney was charged with the crash. He has another court hearing scheduled for Wednesday, July 6. Stepney is facing 17 charges, mainly second-degree murder. He is being held without bond.

Relative of the five family members Aaron Piggie killed in May said changes are needed. 

“We have to find a better way, a better alternative because too many lives have been taken away,” Piggie said. “Too many innocent people. Something has to get done. St Louis has to change.”

The news conference is Wednesday at 10 a.m. at the NAACP Chapter in north county.