ST. LOUIS — The NASCAR Cup Series kicks off this weekend with a Hauler Parade for fans at Ballpark Village in downtown St. Louis.

Three days before the race even begin, haulers are revved up and ready to go with a parade Thursday evening. Our Bommarito Automotive Group SkyFOX flew over the route.

The parade kicked off celebrations as the line of trucks traveled from the World Wide Technology Raceway in Madison Illinois, across the river to Ballpark village.

“I took three days off of work because I am such a fan and wanted to do all the things,” said NASCAR fan Jess Wahlman.

Crowds lined up to cheer on their favorite . One of the truck drivers in the parade was Kyle Bazzell. He gave FOX 2 a minitour inside his $5 million truck, which stores team equipment and a racecar.

“It was just a childhood dream that finally came through at the age of 37,” said Joe Gibbs racing transport driver Kyle Bazzell.

An Illinois native, for Bazzell, having the Cup in his home state is a full-circle moment.

“Seeing that little kid giving you the number one finger or wearing a Bass Pro Shop, that just brightens my day,” said Bazzell.

For fans, this is a big deal as its the first time the Cup will be held locally, less than 10 minutes away from downtown St. Louis at the World Wide Technology Raceway in Madison, Illinois.

“We’re going to the race on Sunday, and I’ve never been to a NASCAR race,” said NASCAR fan Angela Daubach. “I think it’s super exciting that it’s here locally in St. Louis.”

Another fan, Hannah Melchert, said she’s also ecstatic about the big race.

“I’m excited to see some of the truck and NASCAR drivers to come out, some of the champions. So that’ll be pretty cool to get some of their pictures and talk to them. And then you got some of the cars out here. So it’s pretty cool,” said Melchert. “I love that it’s coming out here and showing so many people how cool of sport it is, especially because I’ve traveled to Nashville, Kansas, all those places. So it’s really cool to come here to see it.”

Many are excited to see their favorite driver, including Chase Elliott and Haillie Deegan.

“I really liked seeing Kyle Larson,” said NASCAR fan Brad Daubach. “I mean he’s one of the best of the best. So for him to come to Fan Fest and get to see him and get an autograph was exciting not only for me but my whole family.”

No matter who you root for, everyone can agree this is historic.

“Good luck to all the drivers. Hopefully, everyone stays safe!” said Melchert.