MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – Comfortable weather Tuesday meant another chance to spend time outdoors this January. Temperatures running 15 to 20 degrees above average had people making a point to get outside. But with plenty of winter to go and spring storms on the horizon, the National Weather Service in St. Louis is ready to start offering storm spotter classes.

“We’re doing 28 of them in-person, which is the most we’ve ever done before,” said Kevin Deitsch, a warning coordination meteorologist.

The class will teach you about storms and how to report changing weather conditions to the National Weather Service

“It’s damaging winds. It’s hail. It’s heavy rain and flooding. It’s also winter weather as well,” Deitsch said.

Attendees are taught the basics of thunderstorm development, features to look for, and what, when, and how to report information safely.

“And because we have the information on the ground, we can tell people downstream, or where that storm is moving, this is coming towards you,” Deitsch said.

The first class will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 17. Classes will be held in both Missouri and Illinois and are normally held in the evening, lasting around two hours.

“There is going to be a class near you, likely within a half hour of you. Please come out and see us,” Deitsch said. “We really, really need your reports and need your information to give the best service to everyone in the community.”

If you cannot make it to one of the in-person classes, the National Weather Service will offer two virtual talks this year. For more information on spotter training and the full class schedule, click here.