NCAA allows college athletes to monetize their success


ST. LOUIS – The National Collegiate Athletic Association has passed new laws that will allow college athletes at every level to monetize their success using the name, image, and likeness. 
Hundreds and thousands of college athletes have shed blood, sweat, and tears working in the classroom and on their respective sport to represent their universities without ever receiving a dime of the money they’ve drawn in on game days and beyond. On Thursday, that all changed. 
“This is going to change college athletics a lot,” said Yuri Collins, a Saint Louis University basketball player.

They can do business with companies, brands, and organizations, which are opportunities players are looking forward to exploring while still getting a college education. 
“I feel like being a college athlete. You don’t really have time to get a job. Little money in your pocket,” said Fred Thatch, a Saint Louis University basketball player. 
Drake Heismeyer is a St. Charles native who currently plays for the Mizzou football team. He and his family scheduled a player appearance at Mellow Mushroom Thursday where he was able to promote the event, meet fans, and sign jerseys – all while getting paid. 
“I was like, let’s give it a try. We’ll see what happens,” Heismeyer said. 

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