ST. LOUIS – Families living near Chouteau Park are concerned about a rise in crime after a shooting was caught on camera. Several neighbors said they called 911 when they heard gunfire, but when police got there, the shooter was gone.

“You just grab what you care about and get out of the area,” said Peter Monterubio.

He lives nearby, and like the rest of his neighbors, he frequently goes to Chouteau Park with his 8-year-old son.

Tuesday’s shooting was something Monterubio didn’t expect to see.

“I just saw two people running from where it happened over. So I can’t confirm if they were the shooter or if they were involved in some sort of altercation or what,” he said.

“It was just in broad daylight that this happened, and people just fled in droves,” said a neighbor who wished to remain anonymous. “It was so scary, and it’s just disappointing that so much time and money and effort has been spent into Chouteau Park.”

She said a big concern is if the shooter comes back.

“Many of us have tried to focus on the safety and security issues that are happening in the neighborhood,” the neighbor said. “Many of these individuals haven’t been caught or haven’t been charged in the area.”