ST. LOUIS – It didn’t take long for the Cardinals to play on the same day as the new kids on the block, CITY SC. 

Saturday afternoon, the Cardinals will play at Busch Stadium, and a few hours later, CITY SC will kick off a home game at CITYPARK. Before the busy sports Saturday, a few firsts were happening in the city, both for baseball and soccer. 

Just across the street from Busch Stadium, at the Field House Museum, the St. Louis Browns History exhibit opened. 

“It’s a dream come true,” said Ed Wheatley, the president of the St. Louis Browns Historical Society. 

Wheatley helped put together the exhibit, which will last through the baseball season to the end of October. Admission to the exhibit is $10. The Browns played in St. Louis from 1902 to 1953. 

“St. Louis being the best baseball town in America, we are keeping that legacy alive,” Wheatley said. 

Across the city in Des Peres, it was all about soccer at Fan Cave Sports as CITY SC held its first autograph signing with players Joao Klauss and Lucas Bartlett. 

“I’m going to get this jersey right here signed,” said Haris Ceranic.

Jayce Haun, a St. Louis high school journalism student, got a photo he took at a game signed by Joao Klauss. 

“It was a great experience,” Haun said. “I’ll hang this up on my wall.” 

CITY SC’s next signing event will be on April 14 with Tim Parker, who scored the first-ever CITY SC MLS goal.