ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – The third Bass Pro Shops location in the St. Louis area is expected to open in Sunset Hills in late April or early May, according to Sunset Hills Mayor Pat Fribis. The store is already taking shape at the corner of Lindbergh Boulevard and Watson Road.

Fribis said a conservative estimate of how much tax revenue the store will generate for the city is at least $500,000. The money from a sales tax will go to the city’s general revenue fund.

Paul Cox, general manager for the Sunset Hills Bass Pro Shops, was busy Wednesday interviewing potential new hires. The company is holding a two-day job fair at the Sunset Hills Holiday Inn, located at 10709 Watson Road. On-site interviews continue Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the hotel.

The company is looking to hire 130 part-time and full-time employees. Cox said employees receive up to a 50% discount and a benefits package for those who qualify.

Once the store opens, customers will see details geared toward the local region.

“We will have trophy and game fish mounts. We’ll have murals that are really tied into the local area,” Cox said. “We’ll also have a very large aquarium stocked with native fish.”

St. Louis resident Kenneth Meyers is excited about the store’s future opening. He expects it will be a popular destination for those who enjoy the outdoors and live near south St. Louis County.

“It will be packed,” Meyers said.

James Dickson lives in St. Ann and expects to shop at the store. He enjoys fishing and believes the store will be a success. He also hopes Sunset Hills will use some of the tax revenue to find ways to reduce congestion in the area and improve streets.

Fribis said the city is addressing concerns the new store could bring additional traffic to the area.

“We tried to address that with a new entrance off Lindbergh,” she said.

The mayor added an entrance off Watson Road, which will give shoppers another way to enter the parking lot.