ST. LOUIS – Build-A-Bear has unveiled an exciting new interactive bear that responds to touch and the sound of your voice. This special bear reacts by opening its eyes and wiggling its ears to communicate, and it has been released just in time for the Christmas season. 

Similar to the process of creating any Build-A-Bear, you can craft this unique “Bearlieve Bear” through a special stuffing experience. This process includes a heart ceremony, which is a step in bringing the bear to life. 

Build-A-Bear is venturing into the world of interactive toys. The Bearlieve Bear offers a personal interaction with the classic teddy bear. The new bear still allows you to make choices regarding fashion, scents, sounds, and even voice recording. 

When guests visit Build-A-Bear Workshops to create their Bearlieve Bear, they participate in a unique heart ceremony by pressing the red heart on the bear’s paw while proclaiming, “I BEARlieve!”

This process enhances the connection between the bear and its creator, adding an enjoyable element to the experience. 

The Bearlieve Bear is also making its debut in a family-friendly holiday film titled “Glisten and the Merry Mission,” which will be exclusively shown at participating Cinemark Theaters starting from November 3

The film cast features award-winning celebrity voice talents such as Leona Lewis, Julia Michaels, Dionne Warwick, Freddie Prinze Jr., Chevy Chase, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Trinity Bliss. 

The Bearlieve Bear is available for $49.00 and can be purchased both in stores and online starting November 1, while supplies last.